Blatant Destiny

He thought he’d found peace at last. Unfinished business will drag him back to war…

Ireland, 1860. Battle-weary officer Samuel Kingston has happily settled down with his wife and children. But when he receives news that his father’s remains have been recovered in Nicaragua, he sets off to bring the body home. And after discovering the treacherous William Walker is free and planning a new invasion to reclaim his presidency, Samuel must leap into action once more.

Brokering a deal with the British Navy to thwart Walker and lock him up for good, Samuel resumes his journey brimming with confidence. But after surviving a harrowing train crash and fighting through the bandit-filled swamp, he learns his clever trap has backfired, and his nemesis still looms as an inescapable threat.

Can Samuel save the Central American nation once more, and finally dispatch his greatest foe?

Blatant Destiny is the third book in the thrilling Adventures of a Victorian Soldier military historical fiction series. If you like cunning tactics, Nineteenth-Century battles, and bravery beyond imagination, then you’ll love M.J. Twomey’s vibrant tale of blood and honor.

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Coming in March