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MJ Twomey - Author

Outmanned, outclassed, outgunned. Can this Anglo-Irish soldier to save the allied army?

Crimean shores, 1854. Young Lieutenant Samuel Kingston is eager prove himself in combat. But after his superior fiendishly sets him and his handful of Lancers adrift at sea, he fears death is inevitable when the raging waters sweep them behind enemy lines. And when he discovers the Russians have fortified their position, he must somehow warn the Light Brigade before they charge to their doom.

Crossing the forbidding landscape, Kingston and his men struggle to elude Cossacks and bandits alike. And just when they think they’re in the clear, they find an even greater threat blocking their path.

Can Kingston and his ragtag company beat the odds to prevent a massacre?

Freedom Pledge is a standalone prequel in the thrilling Adventures of a Victorian Soldier military historical fiction series. If you like tactical maneuvers, Nineteenth-Century warfare, and thoughtful meditations on social class, then you’ll love M.J. Twomey’s exquisite battle cry.

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